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7 Tips for First Time Cruisers

Here are 7 things you should know before taking a cruise anywhere:

1.)Having a Passport is not always necessary. (check with the cruise line for confirmation)

2.) Don't overpay to book a cruise. (Subscribe and I will send you more information on getting the plug.)

3.) You get charged for things you may not expect. Like Room Steward gratuities, dinner service gratuities, etc... If there is a service offered that an employee of the cruise provides to you "free" or not you will be charged a gratuity. Budget at least $100 for this on top of your spending money.

4.) Expect to wait in long lines most of the time. There are a lot of people on the boat so there are lines for pretty much everything. If you do not have the patience to wait in lines either develop some or do not take a cruise. I am just saying.

5.) Spend as little time in your room as possible. If you go on a cruise DO NOT spend the entire experience in your room or on the boat. At least on #carnivalcruiselines there is soooooo much on-board entertainment that staying in your room is a waste of time and money. The entertainment is free so go enjoy experiences that you may not get the chance to again! (Check out my other blog post "My First Date" for details) Also, if you dock at an island go check out the local culture. Again, you do not need a lot or any money at all to have a great experience. I went on this cruise with $100 in my pocket and still came out a champion!

6. ) Talk to strangers!!! Most people on vacation want to connect with others and tell awesome stories about the people they meet while on vacation. My partner and I meet the most beautiful couple named Ana & Michael. They will be friends for life! Break out of your shell and talk to strangers!

7.) Have fun! There is so many experiences to be had on a cruise that the point of it all should be to have a great time! Do not let unnecessary drama interrupt your vacation. If you stress about things being perfect then you are not good at vacations so please do not travel with me!


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