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Deja Vu

So I came out to a bar another night to see if that feeling of loniness set back in, because you know I fly solo dolo (or alone for my more astute readers) this is what I have:

The scene is loud and bright,

My emotions are louder and right,

Life never happens by accident but by design,

I am best friend and always on time,

There are many things I have outgrown,

That is why I feel so alone,

At times there is a storm raging inside,

However, there is calm outside,

Live in the moment and enjoy life,

I have no drama or strife,

I have been blessed to lead,

Others have inhabitions they don’t perceive,

My life is fine even if I don’t receive, the spot light,

I am fine the way I am,

This is what I asked for, to be my own man!

Let the music blair and life go on,

Even in a crowd of no ones, I am never truly alone!


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Houston, TX, USA

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