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The romanticism of being an entrepreneur should be dead! No one tells you how hard or lonely the road should or will be. I never went after being a entrepreneur for the rejection or to be ostracized but that is exactly what happened. I have no friends except two who regularly check on me to make sure that I have not hung myself from the bathroom curtain rod. No, I am no where near a suicidal mess but yes loneliness sets in from time to time.

What is the point of this 5:40am rant? It id to express how the poor see the rich and think they have it all. Am I the richest person on the planet? Well, no. Am I the poorest, not by a long shot. However, I do know this. I set on a journey to enrich the world and to make it a better place and this thing called life slapped me then body slammed me on the ground. All I wanted was for everyone around me to see the humble, subservient, gracious, kind person I was to support my dreams. Instead I was met with adversity and confusion.

“How dare he ask me to buy something or spend money to support his vision!” This question bubbled inside as I got the usual blow off answer of “I will think about it,” or “I need to talk it over with my spouse” These answers while typical, were bullshit coming from the people who also said, “When you get your business up and going let me know and I will support you!”

Now, before you get mad at me (if you are one of those people who are still reading this) don’t be totally alarmed! I realize that I may have contributed to these situations in a huge way. I have been self-absorbed in my own goals and dreams that I forgot to pay attention. As an entrepreneur it is to get caught up in your own plans that you forget to pay attention to the dreams of others.

I have been, in some ways, a horrible friend and listener. Changing lives is my vision but doing it for and with everyone is my mission. I have set a goal to better now and in the future. I will not, however, stop pursuing my goals and vision in the meantime. Can anyone else out there relate?


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