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My Story

In the Beginning

On August 14, 1987 Marcus Deloney was born in Toledo, OH at Mercy Hospital. He was raised in Toledo, with his little sister, by his Mother and stepfather until he was 5. After kindergarten his family moved to Columbus, OH because of a gang related incident that resulted in their house being shot up. Marcus just remembers that his Mom grabbed what she could out of the house that was important and they moved that day! They never looked back!

Marcus at an early age remembers watching his mother suffer at the hands of a man from physical, emotional, and verbal abuse. This sparked him to be better than the men he has encountered in life thus far. Watching a grown man beat up on a woman to having an absentee father ensued a desire in Marcus to become a leader and a role model for other men and young guys out there.

Marcus continued to focus on his education as his mother had always taught him to. He excelled in school.  Always being a the top of his class, having perfect attendance, and reading above his grade level. He realized early on that he was destined to do more than live a mundane life. He needed to do more!

Life growing up was never easy. Living on government assistance and having times so hard that his mother would go to bed hungry just to make sure that he and his sister could eat. Well, it was times like those that caused his mother's health to decline.

By age 15, Marcus's mother could no longer work at all and recent changes to assistance programs would not allow the family to survive. So he went looking for a job. He put in applications everywhere and no one would hire him because he was not 16. He resolved to walking his best friend from High school to work everyday. One of the managers noticed this and gave him a job because he showed up to work more than some of the employees.

Just before he turned 16 he was offered a position as a manager which he respectfully declined to focus on his education, as the position was too demanding. He knew he had to stay focused on the big picture and the ultimate goal of graduation so he could go off to college. Little did he know that his plan for his life would not go exactly as he hoped. 

Marcus enjoyed working at McDonald's but he needed to acquire more income to cover unexpected expenses such as school clothing, back to school shopping, doctor's appointments, etc... So he acquired a second job working at the Columbus Urban League. Plenty of circumstances and situations caused Marcus to become overwhelmed, tired, unfocused and even depressed. However, he pushed himself further and and in his junior year of high school he took up a double schedule that included AP classes and attempted to graduate early. 

He did not accomplish this goal of early graduation and actually completed high school one-year later than his anticipated graduation date. During those last three years if high school, from junior year to his second senior year,  his family lost all of their possessions in a fire. They had to start all over building a new home. Marcus battled his depression and attempted to take his life twice. Then his family ended up homeless due to an error of the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority (C.M.H.A)

Marcus did not feel in his heart the best decision to venture off to college while his family was experiencing a housing crisis. So he put his dream on hold to step up to the plate and try to help his family. After getting that situation resolved. His focused shifted to getting his own place and taking the burden off his mom. He was not able to stay with her because the only way they could secure housing quickly was to take him off the section 8 case. Marcus found alternate shelter by staying with a friend.

At the age of 19, Marcus landed a job at Teleperformance USA working as a Customer Service Representative. This was a great career change for him because after only a month he was promoted to a supervisor! Things were looking up for Marcus! However, new challenges came and life sent him on a rocky roller coaster of a journey.

Currently, Marcus is now a small business owner who works in the travel/vacation arena with the world's #1 V.I.P travel club, owns his own vowel writing service, and operates this website.  His journey has not ended but continues to be written. 

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