Mission Statement


I refuse to be acted upon by life.

I will make conscious and principle based decisions to guide my actions and reactions.

I am the designer of my life and I will be the change I want to see.

I will value the relationships in my life and the few I allow to be close to me.

I will never allow money or monetary values to reign as head of my life.

I will not allow destructive people and situations from my past to dictate and direct my future.

I will not be limited by the color of my skin, my sexual orientation, other peoples opinions or beliefs, or exterior circumstances.

I will do more good in the world than harm.

I can achieve EVERY dream, write EVERY book, sing EVERY song, cook EVERY meal, recite EVERY poem, and inspire EVERYONE looking for  inspiration that I so choose.

I will not allow my sound to be diminished because life and greatness are attracted to great sound.

I do not choose to succeed alone, I will bring everyone with me who shares my vision and goals for life and those who have a constructive vision and goals that may not align directly with mines.

To Fulfill This Mission:

I have charity: I seek out and love the one --each one--regardless of their situation.

I sacrifice: I devote my time, talent, and resources to my mission.

I inspire: I teach by example that we can achieve any common and uncommon goal. That we all can live a better life and do so with the upmost faith.

I am impactful: What I do makes a difference in the life of others and mines.

These roles take priority in achieving my mission:

Friend: I create and sustain any and all friendships that are positive and valuable to me.

Son: I honor my mother and father that my days continue to be long on this earth, dealing with good, bad, and ugly while remaining honest in love.

Entrepreneur: I dedicate my time, wisdom,  and talents to develop ideas and products that serve as a solution and blessing to and for others. If I help others get what they want/need, I will be rewarded with what I want/need.

Employee: I am willing to devote my full energy, wisdom, and talents to helping others achieve their goals and sustain their business. Every person I come in contact with will learn passion, ambition, and dedication by working in my presence even in a minuscule capacity.